Manual Brushes Can Damage Teeth and Make Them Sensitive

If you are using a regular manual toothbrush to clean your teeth, there are chances that you are eroding the enamel and making them more sensitive. Doctors all across the globe recommend that you brush you pearly whites at least two times in day to maintain proper oral hygiene. Some people follow this advice and have had better oral health, whereas others, who have ignored this advice, have suffered from various oral problems.

Electric Toothbrush Provide More Control

When you brush your teeth with a regular toothbrush, can you really control the pressure you apply? Recent research in this area suggests that you might be damaging your teeth along with the gums. If you have started to feel that the sensitivity of your teeth has gone up, it’s time to stop using normal tooth brush.

If you stop using a regular brush, then what do you use to clean your teeth? Dentists recommend that you use an electric toothbrush instead to clean your teeth. Doctors agree that an electric toothbrush can effectively remove the plaque buildup by applying the right amount of pressure.

Good Choice!

So, get an electric toothbrush if you don’t have it! But, buying the right toothbrush is not an easy task. There are hundreds of electric toothbrushes available in the market. They all come with all kinds of fancy options that are designed for different oral problems the user might be experiencing. You can also get generic ones if you have no oral issues.

For generic electric toothbrushes that are available to you, there are various type. Some are battery powered and some are corded. If you are thinking of buying battery powered, don’t even think about it. Well, you can if you really want to, but they aren’t as good as the electric ones. You don’t want to be changing batteries all the time! But that’s not very important. The important thing is that they battery powered toothbrushes don’t have enough power or burst in them to give you full cleaning. They just can’t do it. And if they do, they make you replace the batteries more often.

Because they can easily reach area which are not accessible with manual toothbrushes, they are effective at removing food particle. There food particles, if not removed, can cause bad breath. You can easily avoid bad breath by using an electric toothbrush.

So, how are the electric toothbrushes are different as compared to the battery powered ones? For one, you don’t have to replace the batteries often. They come with powerful batteries built-in, and they have a recharging base that recharges it regularly. This ensures that they always have the full power every morning!

Electric Toothbrushes Come with Various Options

Electric toothbrushes come with soft-bristle heads that can be changed. The bristle heads should be changed every 4-6 months depending on their condition. Electric brushes and their bristle-heads are designed with many features in mind, so pick the one that suits you the most. Some electric toothbrushes are made to provide your gums massage. Some provide teeth whitening. Some for sensitive teeth… the list goes on.

Some advances electric brushes also come equipped with sensors that automatically sense the amount of pressure you are applying. They will provide you indication to make you apply more pressure or reduce it if needed. They also track your brushing schedule so that you don’t miss brushing your teeth on time.

Electric toothbrush is a great investment that is totally worth the money. It will help you maintain better oral health and keep you on schedule.

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